Sunday, August 14, 2005

Evil celebration

-We did it! Enough stream to last for the rest of the year!
-I sure do feel the power! We can do anything!
-Well, not anything, but quite a lot indeed. Thanks to Mr. Gatlin's win, we got quite a bag of mixed feelings on the stadium. Nothing like a bit of a stir to raise up the emotions. That was an excellent feast.
-Tell me Cosmo, what happened to those American's and that French chick?
-American's got a meeting with fishes and they were just in time for that... heh, heh.
-You mean that chopper crash?
-Indeed I do. The faith of the French girl is still undecided, however. I hear that Stiletto has failed us for the first time.
-Really? That is a surprise, maybe she has more than eye meets...
-I have been thinking that by myself too. I'm afraid that now she will be even more determined to find out what we are doing.
-For years none has been this close. I think that we need to nip this bud in the beginning.
-Well we tried already and failed. I think that we shouldn't pay more attention to this problem or let's say matter. Instead, we should focus on the plan ahead. After this power streaming we have the money, manpower and stream current to do our bidding. I say that we should go to Taiwan right away.
-I hate to leave loose ends, but maybe you are right. It is possible that this in not a time to do micro managing. However, I want to keep an eye on that woman. She fascinates me and I want to know if there is a way for us to use her. After all, she was lurking in the Pentagon and her conscious can't be that clean.
-...Can't be that bad an idea. Yes! You check what she is up to and whether we have some use for her, if we don't, she's history.

Another VIP lounge

-I was right! Those black suit types are somehow related to all of this.
-And how would that be?
-I don't know exactly, but I found log traces that look familiar. Now I am sure that these were the guys who passed my by while I was snooping around in Pen... 'cough' Pennsylvania.
-You've been there.
-I'm a big fan of Midwest!
-So the thing is so that there is something really big going on. These guys have resources or skills of a secret society. The only thing is that I just don't know what they are about.
-Free tickets?
-Duh! You could do some creative thinking before you open your mouth.
-Sure thing!
-Ah! What I'm going do to with you...
-I have couple of ideas in mind...
-Stop it! We have no time to waste. We have to figure out what was it that they did here. I know just the place to find out. Come on!
-Sure thing.

In bed

-You smoke?
-An athlete to the very end, eh?
-I guess...
-What got you so serious?
-I was just thinking how all of this is connected.
-I have my suspicions, but now it is time for a joint...

-Hey Tiger! I'm back!
-So I hear. How was it, you seem awfully cheery.
-Yeah. Nothing like a good smoke after shagging and after some maniac has been slashing you. Hey, do you know that Miyamoto Musashi guy he has been writing about the difference between slashing and cutting you have to be determined and you have to have a resolute purpose to cut otherwise if you just are really determined but do not have the purpose to cut then it is just slashing and if you...
-Shut up!
-Shut up!


-Just come on in. I will go and change something clean on.
-Can you figure that they just left that guy go? Diplomatic immunity or something... Crazy!
-Like, like... they treated US like criminals. Those dimwits... And how difficult it really is to give some first aid for cuts. Finns must have some special talent for stupidity. I say that we Americans should just come here and make this country right...
-Shut up Sport! I am not that big a fan of States and I kinda like you, so if you wanna keep it that way, you better turn down that Bushist powermongering.
-Listen to yourself, now you sound like Canadian.
-Hey, what is the matter with you? Haven't you seen a girl before?
-Uh, sure...
-Tell you what, I'm going to take some painkillers and then you are going to give me some pleasure.
-Well... eh, ok.
-That's my boy.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Silent fight

Her red right hand

-Jst a cut! Yer're spiidy lil sis. Bu' 'ell witit. Ya gona getit!

There she is, but what the...

On the edge

Where is that guy, I've been checking almost all of the VIP lounges and no sign of him. I wonder if he is somewhere else doing something totally different. Sometimes girls just want to have some action.

-Excuseme miss.
-Huh, you startled me!
-I seem to be lost, could you perhaps help me?
-Oh, I can try. Where are you... say, have we me somewhere?

Looking for trouble

The hard part at being a freelance troublemaker is that you never know what your gonna get, bit like lottery, but one never really wants to get the jackpot. Hmm, I think they don't have jackpot in lottery... I have to get down to the VIP areas, that slick is so smooth that he doesn't want to socialize with the rest of us ordinary smocks. Now let me see, VIP lounges should be through this door and to the right...

-Hey, you!
-What sport?
-Not you Cliff, that girl.
-What girl?
-She went already. Looked like she was in a hurry. I have her portable hard drive thingamajig, I'll be right back...
-Hey, where ya going man?

Getting information

One step forward, two steps back. I lost that damn American at the club. Didn't understand simple request. Why is it that I let a cute face and ass cloud my judgement? No time to worry about that, I have to follow Mr. Virtanen. He met two black guys at the club... that damn American, I wish I hadn’t open my mouth, should have just ogled those suit dudes. Anyhow, Virtanen has his mornings reserved for the coming two weeks and he is hanging around here. I wonder if I manage to find out what he is up to? Good thing I have quick fingers and eye for graphic design - all access security pass was piece of cake. I have to kick Alain's butt when I get back... press pass my ass... that cheap son of a...

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Breakfast at Esplanadi

-Nice view.
-Yep. Such a beautiful morning even it rained so much yesterday.
-Good weather elevates spirits and provides better channeling opportunities for us. Can you feel the energy that focuses on that brunet?
-Yes, I sense that you are also tapping into her aura. Nothing better than cup of coffee and some feed.
-What do you think of her?
-Leo, I'd say...
-I think so too.
-So this is the big night. We are well prepared. There is whole stadium waiting to be sucked dry. There will be an unusual feeling of emptiness in their minds after this evening.
-Cosmo, I was thinking...
-What if we also affect to that Finnish javelin thrower, home crowd would just explode.
-Hmm, good idea, it could bring us an unexpected benefits and advantage for later use. But first we have to stick to our long term plan.
-Let's go and prepare ourselves there is not much time.
-Oh, wait!
-What about that hacker who almost got us? She must be here already, at least she ordered those tickets to Helsinki.
-I put Decker on it.
-Isn't that bit overdoing it?
-I want it to be taken care of so we are using Decker on this.
-If you insist...

Gone clubbing

-HI! You found the place!
-That's great.
-This is a nice club.
-I said this is nice!
-Sorry, can't hear you!
-YEAH, I like it, one of my favourite spots here in Helsinki!
-Ok. So, here we are then.
-YEP! Can you wait for a while I think I saw my boyfriend over there by the railing?
-What the...
-This is my boyfriend Alex!
-Nice to meet you Alex.
-Hey, listen I'm going down to the dance floor for a while with Alex. Wait here.
-Sure (like hell)!

-Did that guy take your girl?
-Nah, it was his girl.
-I was thinking that you don't look like a guy who would give up without a fight.
-Well, I'm stubborn that way.
-Guessed so.
-So, what are you doing here?
-Following a guy.
-Oh!? (Shit, just my night)
-Don't worry, it's not what you think, so you still have your chances with me.
-You American boys are just too cute, so innocent and sweet, right.
-Hey, do you know that DJ?
-Well, no...
-He is playing so well. I decided to record this set.
-You have a beautiful face, but you do not talk much, do you?
-Hey, listen, I just drop by at restroom and be right back. Could you hold on to this recorder so that I get the set?
-Yeah, sure, no problem.

Snooping around

-The first stop on my story is to forget about the story and go after that mystery hacker. That's why I'm here in the offices of Vaikutusmarkkinointi Oy. This address was one node as I traced the signal to Nigeria.

-Lucky for me, their idiotic secretary was stupid enough to leave the room as I requested a can of soda. Now I have few moments to get into their intranet. Too bad there is not enough time to do some actual hacking and cracking. Let's see, what we have here, calendars, programs, accounting... Fine, to my hard disk you go... Let it run... now the physical calendars and drawers... Hey, this IS interesting, better copy it and then I'm offing.

-Good day. Sorry I am late, but the traffic around the stadium was a killer.
-That's ok, Mr. Virtanen.
-So I see that Ms. Jakava has taken good care of you.
-Yes, she has given me a lot.
-So, should we get going with this interview?
-Yes, of course. Where should we do it?
-Let's just go to my office. Please, follow me.
-Ok, I'll just get my gear. Tell me, what is it that you actually do here?
-Well, we handle various futures on various markets...
-(How interesting...)

Monday, August 01, 2005

Thinking ahead

-Say brother, you have been awfully silent today. What's worrying you?
-What's worrying me?! Everything! All those preparations that we've done in order to set the channelling, are they wasted? Is it all wasted with that Powell injuring himself?
-What do you mean?
-It's all part of the plan...
-You son of ...
-STOP RIGHT there, it is also your mother you are talking about.
-Yep. Listen, don't you worry. He wasn't our Scorpio, I had some people on the payroll to take care of certain aspects of this situation.
-You mean we are still in the game?
-That's what I'm saying and now if you excuse me, I want spend some quality time with my Cuban friend...
-Go right ahead. Care to enlighten me after your friend has gone with the wind?
-Puff, Pff, sure, let me ensure you that the time of the Uranus is coming fast upon us.

V.I.P. lounging

-So here we have the locker rooms, showers and rest rooms.
-Ok, I got it. Where should we go next?
-I was thinking to show you the press areas and V.I.P. quarters, just follow me.

-This year we here in Helsinki have decided that important people should have two separate areas. One underground where it is safe and one over ground where one can see to the stadium. Safety is a real issue now, because of all those terrorist attacks around the world.
-That sounds sensible, I guess...
-And down here we have a restricted lounge area for people of status.
-Well, you know, some sort of asshol... astonishing people who think that money matters and it actually does as we are making tons with their help. So therefore we have dedicated this area for their use only.
-What kind of use?
-Private stuff, you know...
-Private? I think I have an idea... So, what about that young guy, is he working here or what?
-Nah, I think he is some sort of a millionaire.
-Such a young dude?
-Well for sure he is not working here.
-That does it, I am in a wrong line of a business, I better start doing whatever he is doing.
-I think that it might have something to do with sports betting. I have seen him with bunch of Chinese during these couple of days.

On the plane

-... and that's why I thought that all Finnish girls are blonds and have blue eyes.
-Hah hah hah... Oh, you are so glad!
-You mean funny?
-OH, sorry, yes, funny.
-Hah, this is funny.
-Eh, nevermind. But hey, you say that you work as a bartender.
-Yes. I do not have a regular working place, because I work as a substitute so I know most of the clubs and restaurants in Helsinki.
-That's cool. So you could be like my personal club hostess.
-What do you mean?
-Well, you know, like show me around and give me some pointers about great hangouts.
-Oh yes, sure! I can show you around on my day off.
-That would be super! Really appreciate this.
-So what kind of music you are listening anyway?
-Me? Just some music I had on my computer back in States. Some White Stripes, Foo Fighters and Nirvana.
-Ah, I see, you are a rocker boy!
-Hah, well not really, probably just a mocker, hah hah.
-Sorry, I don't get it.
-Well it is like... well, nevermind. What about giving me a club tour now as Helsinki is not yet totally crowded by the sports people like me?
-Ok, sure! I always have couple of spare tickets with me so we can meet here. The address is on the other side.
-Hey, that's cool, let me check...