Monday, August 01, 2005

V.I.P. lounging

-So here we have the locker rooms, showers and rest rooms.
-Ok, I got it. Where should we go next?
-I was thinking to show you the press areas and V.I.P. quarters, just follow me.

-This year we here in Helsinki have decided that important people should have two separate areas. One underground where it is safe and one over ground where one can see to the stadium. Safety is a real issue now, because of all those terrorist attacks around the world.
-That sounds sensible, I guess...
-And down here we have a restricted lounge area for people of status.
-Well, you know, some sort of asshol... astonishing people who think that money matters and it actually does as we are making tons with their help. So therefore we have dedicated this area for their use only.
-What kind of use?
-Private stuff, you know...
-Private? I think I have an idea... So, what about that young guy, is he working here or what?
-Nah, I think he is some sort of a millionaire.
-Such a young dude?
-Well for sure he is not working here.
-That does it, I am in a wrong line of a business, I better start doing whatever he is doing.
-I think that it might have something to do with sports betting. I have seen him with bunch of Chinese during these couple of days.


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