Sunday, July 17, 2005

At the airport

It really pisses me off to be sent to Helsinki like this. I guess that guy has to do what man has to do, or how it went...

Anyhow, I have been thinking about my career a lot and I just don't get that dude. Smart career move my ass... I'll show him on next season.

I hate travelling but I love airports. Somehow being on an airport already gives the same feeling that you get while travelling. So many different looking people, different languages and cultures...

Take that goon in front of me, for example. Caucasian - obviously - but I have no idea what is he up to, where is he coming from or where he's going. If I'd see him on my home turf, it'd be just another colour-blind dude, wearing a monkey suit. Hah, no way I'm putting on such idiotic wardrobe. Carrying a metal briefcase into metal detector, sucker! Have a nice time with the anal probe, European passport or not, no way customs is going to let that slip by. Hah, hah, you sure made my day monkey boy.


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