Sunday, June 19, 2005


-This venue is perfect for our needs.
-Yes, the location of the tower is optimal in correlation to the oval formation.
-Helsinki 2005 is the last of these small scale operations for us.
-...but I thought that...
-So does he, but after this we are braking off. We are going to step up our game.
-...but what about the...
-Leave that to me Cosmo. I have just the thing we need.
-...but how can we...
-Let it go Cosmo. I have seen it written in the stars.
-... this is hardly...
-Cosmo, you are starting to piss me off!
-Maybe I should check their security system.
-You should, but wait for me, I am coming too.
-By the way, Nabo. The way you handled the world record was just stunning.
-I told you that Powell is our pick, he is a true Scorpio and his date of birth gave it all out - 11th of November, just think of the possibilities. Now we just have to play the situation into our end of the table.
-I can't wait.
-But wait we must. Come on, let's go.


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