Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Taipei 101 mall attack

-Oh, look at them, Santa and Santa’s sexy little helper at work.
-Yes, they do look rather believable.
-Well, kids believe anything and parents don’t suspect a thing.

-Let’s get through this plan once more.
-Ok, weapons were smuggled to the personnel service section, so we need to go via locker room on our way to meet Black Sun.
-After we get our blades, nobody pays attention to a Santa on a break and those outfits can hide lots of nasty presents.
-Surveillance has been taken care of they never get any recordings by cameras.
-However, we must strike swiftly, not to cause noise. Everybody must die and to outside office must look the same as always.
-Finally we leave couple of thugs there to take care of every Black Sun member that comes looking what’s wrong.
-We have to keep the location for a week in order to tap into the stream of New Years Eve. Hope we can make it. I am not that worried about Black Sun, but more of Taipei 101 security. We have a situation, in case our power struggle comes out in the open.

-Don’t worry, once we the mental energy of these people, we shall be the strongest streamers in the world.
-Hope so...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Beach night

Another time, another night
Another place, another club
Another style, another track

Same stars every night,
Something’s not right

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Santa Strike Squad

-May I introduce you:



Product development for really, really bad kids.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Location, location and location

- IDIOT! It should have been perfectly clear that we need the 99th floor room at Taipei101 by the time we arrive to Taiwan.
- I tried, sir... but...
- NO BUTS! It is imperative that we get that location IMMEDIATELY!
- But sir, Hei Tai Yang controls the location

- Black Sun Society? Why don't they stay in Hong Kong? Well, this does complicate things. We didn't want to go against Societies so quickly, but now we might have to.
- Could we find a way to hide our presence in Taipei, but still find a way to cut this head of Hei Tai Yang?
- Brother, that would be ideal indeed.

- Yes sir!
- You have local knowledge do you have any suggestions?
- Well...
- Never mind then, go and make yourself useful, go to blog or draw some pictures or what's that you triad people are doing anyway...

- So it's just two of us again.
- Yes. The presence of Hei Tai Yang here in Taipei is serious setback. We should have done our homework better.
- I know, but we were too busy with that Helsinki, Finland project. Anyway, we are now more powerful than ever, I can feel the life force in me, like I'm some kind of living battery.
- We have to get rid of the Black Sun with old-fashioned methods. Some raw power should get them thinking that it is just another triad trying to push them out. This would cause turmoil in local underworld and we gain control of the location.
- But we can't keep it without blowing our cover, because it's still two months until Christmas Eve.
- So that is the day we strike! We go there, whack them all, and use the location to tap the stream of Christmas Eve aligned stars. The moment we are done, we leave and disappear.
- Hmmm, that could work... Hey, let's think about the details.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


-Here we are! View is spectacular and troops are actively training, as you can see.
-I wouldn’t say that is active training... but I take your word. How is the discipline among the ranks?
-Fine sir... not to count separate Hello Kitty incidents.
-One of the women is very specific about her Kittens and acolytes learn that hard way, sir.
-Enough chatter, let’s get to business.

-Sirs, for the moment our organization is divided based on resources. We have Black Operations, Computers, Marketing, Financing and Investments. I have taken care that our organization has excellent skill base at our service. With your plans, we can reorganize them, according to your vision.
-Hmm, good. Seems like we don’t have to feed you to the fish. Let’s get to work.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Meet the boss

-Mr. Wang, what is the meaning of all this? Everything has gone to hell, because somehow we have become a laughing stock on the whole criminal community. How did this happen?
-Eh, sir, I discover master way to control people. I mobile slave them and they do not understand.
-Mobile slave???
-Eh, yes sir! Mobile slave.
-Eh, yes sir. I give people mobile phones and they are attracted to me.
-Hey Cosmo, can I kill this idiot?
-Let’s hear him out.
-Well, sir... When we know their numbers, we can call them and make them do things. We have a mobile army that doesn’t even know it.
-I like the sound of army...


-...So, Nokia mobile phones are the best way to control people. We can see what they do and influence on them, just like marketers, but much more efficient way.
-This is clever idea Mr. Wang, even our cash flow has dwindled and other triads are trying to claim our businesses, we can turn masses to boost our operations. Let’s set up a mobile and Internet service that will hypnotize them to buy our service. We will get masses of money and we don’t need to wash it, because it legal from the beginning. It will be almost pure profit – wonderful! Soon we will have the cash to crush our enemies. After that we shall take over the whole world.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Taipei101 twins

-Can you feel it?
-Yes, this place has lots of stream. This is a real nexus of power. Here we have all we need. So sad that we are not able to tap all of it that would make us unstoppable.
-Don’t worry the day will come when we will be unstoppable. Our next move is getting us very close to that point already.
-Yeah, so much anger and aggression at this place, I wonder, how come they haven’t blown themselves up yet?
-It is unnecessary to think about that. We must focus on the problem at sight. Mr. Wang Xiao Chou has given us plenty to sort out. Our operations at mainland are at standstill and our organization in Taiwan is too weak to handle its duties. Our master plan is on the edge of collapsing.
-Don’t get so dramatic over it, just go and get some of those HelloKitty dolls to play around with.
-Piss off!

-Anyhow, nice tower...
-Yeah, Taipei101, we got the top floor all to ourselves as our headquarters.
-Hah, excellent! That’s the best place in the world to channel all this stream they got here.

-What are we going to do to mister Wang anyway?
-Hypnosis should work just fine he has been following the schedule like a clockwork.
-Great, the big triad boss is a spineless wimp.
-They don’t know it.
-Anyhow, we need to do something for the fact that our guys are in trouble. They should go through some sort of mental toughness update. Hypnosis is the best policy, so that we can deal with them quickly and in large quantities.
-So you are suggesting that we get mass hypnosis on them?
-Well, I don’t know, I mean that... well, let’s do it. But first we need to go and straighten out that Mr. Wang, then its time to fix his troops.