Monday, October 30, 2006

Location, location and location

- IDIOT! It should have been perfectly clear that we need the 99th floor room at Taipei101 by the time we arrive to Taiwan.
- I tried, sir... but...
- NO BUTS! It is imperative that we get that location IMMEDIATELY!
- But sir, Hei Tai Yang controls the location

- Black Sun Society? Why don't they stay in Hong Kong? Well, this does complicate things. We didn't want to go against Societies so quickly, but now we might have to.
- Could we find a way to hide our presence in Taipei, but still find a way to cut this head of Hei Tai Yang?
- Brother, that would be ideal indeed.

- Yes sir!
- You have local knowledge do you have any suggestions?
- Well...
- Never mind then, go and make yourself useful, go to blog or draw some pictures or what's that you triad people are doing anyway...

- So it's just two of us again.
- Yes. The presence of Hei Tai Yang here in Taipei is serious setback. We should have done our homework better.
- I know, but we were too busy with that Helsinki, Finland project. Anyway, we are now more powerful than ever, I can feel the life force in me, like I'm some kind of living battery.
- We have to get rid of the Black Sun with old-fashioned methods. Some raw power should get them thinking that it is just another triad trying to push them out. This would cause turmoil in local underworld and we gain control of the location.
- But we can't keep it without blowing our cover, because it's still two months until Christmas Eve.
- So that is the day we strike! We go there, whack them all, and use the location to tap the stream of Christmas Eve aligned stars. The moment we are done, we leave and disappear.
- Hmmm, that could work... Hey, let's think about the details.


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