Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Meet the boss

-Mr. Wang, what is the meaning of all this? Everything has gone to hell, because somehow we have become a laughing stock on the whole criminal community. How did this happen?
-Eh, sir, I discover master way to control people. I mobile slave them and they do not understand.
-Mobile slave???
-Eh, yes sir! Mobile slave.
-Eh, yes sir. I give people mobile phones and they are attracted to me.
-Hey Cosmo, can I kill this idiot?
-Let’s hear him out.
-Well, sir... When we know their numbers, we can call them and make them do things. We have a mobile army that doesn’t even know it.
-I like the sound of army...


-...So, Nokia mobile phones are the best way to control people. We can see what they do and influence on them, just like marketers, but much more efficient way.
-This is clever idea Mr. Wang, even our cash flow has dwindled and other triads are trying to claim our businesses, we can turn masses to boost our operations. Let’s set up a mobile and Internet service that will hypnotize them to buy our service. We will get masses of money and we don’t need to wash it, because it legal from the beginning. It will be almost pure profit – wonderful! Soon we will have the cash to crush our enemies. After that we shall take over the whole world.


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