Sunday, August 14, 2005

Another VIP lounge

-I was right! Those black suit types are somehow related to all of this.
-And how would that be?
-I don't know exactly, but I found log traces that look familiar. Now I am sure that these were the guys who passed my by while I was snooping around in Pen... 'cough' Pennsylvania.
-You've been there.
-I'm a big fan of Midwest!
-So the thing is so that there is something really big going on. These guys have resources or skills of a secret society. The only thing is that I just don't know what they are about.
-Free tickets?
-Duh! You could do some creative thinking before you open your mouth.
-Sure thing!
-Ah! What I'm going do to with you...
-I have couple of ideas in mind...
-Stop it! We have no time to waste. We have to figure out what was it that they did here. I know just the place to find out. Come on!
-Sure thing.


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