Saturday, August 06, 2005

Breakfast at Esplanadi

-Nice view.
-Yep. Such a beautiful morning even it rained so much yesterday.
-Good weather elevates spirits and provides better channeling opportunities for us. Can you feel the energy that focuses on that brunet?
-Yes, I sense that you are also tapping into her aura. Nothing better than cup of coffee and some feed.
-What do you think of her?
-Leo, I'd say...
-I think so too.
-So this is the big night. We are well prepared. There is whole stadium waiting to be sucked dry. There will be an unusual feeling of emptiness in their minds after this evening.
-Cosmo, I was thinking...
-What if we also affect to that Finnish javelin thrower, home crowd would just explode.
-Hmm, good idea, it could bring us an unexpected benefits and advantage for later use. But first we have to stick to our long term plan.
-Let's go and prepare ourselves there is not much time.
-Oh, wait!
-What about that hacker who almost got us? She must be here already, at least she ordered those tickets to Helsinki.
-I put Decker on it.
-Isn't that bit overdoing it?
-I want it to be taken care of so we are using Decker on this.
-If you insist...


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