Sunday, July 31, 2005

At the office

-Hi Simone!
-Hello Alain.
-I got your email...
-(What a surprise...)
- ...and I have to say that your topic seems to be astonishingly unusual...
-(what a surprise...)
-...However, I and some other members of the publishing team thought that it could have potential...
-(What a surprise...)
-...So we decided that we send you to Helsinki to do this conspiracy or terrorist piece that you suggested...
-(What a surprise...)
-...As we have the feeling that it could sell well...
-(What a surprise...)
-...So, what do you say?
-Oh, thank you Alain, thank you, this is all too much!
-Well, we thought that we should give you this once-in-a-lifetime-chance.
-Oh, I don’t know what to say!
-Just don’t let us down Simone.
-I won’t!

Girls take a note here. What ever you want in life, you have to go and get it by yourself. You saw how it went. I had that guy around my pinkie and made him think that it was he who had this great article idea and it was him who made it possible. To the very end poor Alain thought that he was being generous but I just pushed his buttons and made him do what I wanted – get into a plane to Helsinki.

-Bye Trish!
-Bye Simone. Have a safe trip.


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