Wednesday, June 22, 2005

At the gym

-Dufh... Dufh... Dufh...
-Hi, Sport!
-Hi, coach.
-Take a five, I have something to tell you.

-So, listen kid...
-I know you have been drooling to get in to the team, but...
-Hey sonny, don't get all riled up. You know I'm on your side, just listen what I have to say. They will not pick you to the running team.
-HOWEVER, you get to go to Helsinki.
-But how?
-As a part of the service team.
-GREAT! I get to wash dirty underwear, just what I always wanted.
-Be sensible now. Your leg is not in mint condition yet. Just ask yourself, why is it that you are here punching bags, while other guys are running on the track?
-Eh, give it a rest coach...
-Sorry Sport, but I have to put it like it is. You are in no condition to compete against the best in the world. Give yourself time to heal, there are more World Championships coming in the future.
-But I'm better than half of those guys!
-Only half of them, Sport, only half of them...
-Yea, yea, drop that Yoda crap.
-Uh, nevermind...
-So what a service staff does anyway?
-Simple, you have to go there in advance to do some information gathering. We have to be able to get enough supplies, in case something goes wrong with supplylines. You get a list of stuff that the team needs and your job is to find places, where to get those supplies mentioned on the list.
-Well, it doesn't sound that bad, really...
-Told you Sport, also you get to be there and gain that important international experience.
-Hey! I hear that those Swedish girls are from some other planet, yummy!
-Helsinki is the capital of Finland.
-Come to the office after shower and we'll go through the paperwork.
-Ok... Finland... figures, just my luck...


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