Saturday, August 06, 2005

Snooping around

-The first stop on my story is to forget about the story and go after that mystery hacker. That's why I'm here in the offices of Vaikutusmarkkinointi Oy. This address was one node as I traced the signal to Nigeria.

-Lucky for me, their idiotic secretary was stupid enough to leave the room as I requested a can of soda. Now I have few moments to get into their intranet. Too bad there is not enough time to do some actual hacking and cracking. Let's see, what we have here, calendars, programs, accounting... Fine, to my hard disk you go... Let it run... now the physical calendars and drawers... Hey, this IS interesting, better copy it and then I'm offing.

-Good day. Sorry I am late, but the traffic around the stadium was a killer.
-That's ok, Mr. Virtanen.
-So I see that Ms. Jakava has taken good care of you.
-Yes, she has given me a lot.
-So, should we get going with this interview?
-Yes, of course. Where should we do it?
-Let's just go to my office. Please, follow me.
-Ok, I'll just get my gear. Tell me, what is it that you actually do here?
-Well, we handle various futures on various markets...
-(How interesting...)


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