Monday, August 01, 2005

Thinking ahead

-Say brother, you have been awfully silent today. What's worrying you?
-What's worrying me?! Everything! All those preparations that we've done in order to set the channelling, are they wasted? Is it all wasted with that Powell injuring himself?
-What do you mean?
-It's all part of the plan...
-You son of ...
-STOP RIGHT there, it is also your mother you are talking about.
-Yep. Listen, don't you worry. He wasn't our Scorpio, I had some people on the payroll to take care of certain aspects of this situation.
-You mean we are still in the game?
-That's what I'm saying and now if you excuse me, I want spend some quality time with my Cuban friend...
-Go right ahead. Care to enlighten me after your friend has gone with the wind?
-Puff, Pff, sure, let me ensure you that the time of the Uranus is coming fast upon us.


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