Sunday, August 14, 2005


-Just come on in. I will go and change something clean on.
-Can you figure that they just left that guy go? Diplomatic immunity or something... Crazy!
-Like, like... they treated US like criminals. Those dimwits... And how difficult it really is to give some first aid for cuts. Finns must have some special talent for stupidity. I say that we Americans should just come here and make this country right...
-Shut up Sport! I am not that big a fan of States and I kinda like you, so if you wanna keep it that way, you better turn down that Bushist powermongering.
-Listen to yourself, now you sound like Canadian.
-Hey, what is the matter with you? Haven't you seen a girl before?
-Uh, sure...
-Tell you what, I'm going to take some painkillers and then you are going to give me some pleasure.
-Well... eh, ok.
-That's my boy.


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