Sunday, August 14, 2005

Evil celebration

-We did it! Enough stream to last for the rest of the year!
-I sure do feel the power! We can do anything!
-Well, not anything, but quite a lot indeed. Thanks to Mr. Gatlin's win, we got quite a bag of mixed feelings on the stadium. Nothing like a bit of a stir to raise up the emotions. That was an excellent feast.
-Tell me Cosmo, what happened to those American's and that French chick?
-American's got a meeting with fishes and they were just in time for that... heh, heh.
-You mean that chopper crash?
-Indeed I do. The faith of the French girl is still undecided, however. I hear that Stiletto has failed us for the first time.
-Really? That is a surprise, maybe she has more than eye meets...
-I have been thinking that by myself too. I'm afraid that now she will be even more determined to find out what we are doing.
-For years none has been this close. I think that we need to nip this bud in the beginning.
-Well we tried already and failed. I think that we shouldn't pay more attention to this problem or let's say matter. Instead, we should focus on the plan ahead. After this power streaming we have the money, manpower and stream current to do our bidding. I say that we should go to Taiwan right away.
-I hate to leave loose ends, but maybe you are right. It is possible that this in not a time to do micro managing. However, I want to keep an eye on that woman. She fascinates me and I want to know if there is a way for us to use her. After all, she was lurking in the Pentagon and her conscious can't be that clean.
-...Can't be that bad an idea. Yes! You check what she is up to and whether we have some use for her, if we don't, she's history.


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