Sunday, May 07, 2006


-Here we are! View is spectacular and troops are actively training, as you can see.
-I wouldn’t say that is active training... but I take your word. How is the discipline among the ranks?
-Fine sir... not to count separate Hello Kitty incidents.
-One of the women is very specific about her Kittens and acolytes learn that hard way, sir.
-Enough chatter, let’s get to business.

-Sirs, for the moment our organization is divided based on resources. We have Black Operations, Computers, Marketing, Financing and Investments. I have taken care that our organization has excellent skill base at our service. With your plans, we can reorganize them, according to your vision.
-Hmm, good. Seems like we don’t have to feed you to the fish. Let’s get to work.


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