Monday, April 10, 2006

Taipei101 twins

-Can you feel it?
-Yes, this place has lots of stream. This is a real nexus of power. Here we have all we need. So sad that we are not able to tap all of it that would make us unstoppable.
-Don’t worry the day will come when we will be unstoppable. Our next move is getting us very close to that point already.
-Yeah, so much anger and aggression at this place, I wonder, how come they haven’t blown themselves up yet?
-It is unnecessary to think about that. We must focus on the problem at sight. Mr. Wang Xiao Chou has given us plenty to sort out. Our operations at mainland are at standstill and our organization in Taiwan is too weak to handle its duties. Our master plan is on the edge of collapsing.
-Don’t get so dramatic over it, just go and get some of those HelloKitty dolls to play around with.
-Piss off!

-Anyhow, nice tower...
-Yeah, Taipei101, we got the top floor all to ourselves as our headquarters.
-Hah, excellent! That’s the best place in the world to channel all this stream they got here.

-What are we going to do to mister Wang anyway?
-Hypnosis should work just fine he has been following the schedule like a clockwork.
-Great, the big triad boss is a spineless wimp.
-They don’t know it.
-Anyhow, we need to do something for the fact that our guys are in trouble. They should go through some sort of mental toughness update. Hypnosis is the best policy, so that we can deal with them quickly and in large quantities.
-So you are suggesting that we get mass hypnosis on them?
-Well, I don’t know, I mean that... well, let’s do it. But first we need to go and straighten out that Mr. Wang, then its time to fix his troops.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Monday, April 03, 2006


-What is the matter with you two? Brawling and running around in restricted V.I.P. areas like bunch of maniacs! Your article is history missy! You better have damn good reasons for your being here! I'm gonna call cops, who knows what sort of crazy terrorists you are!