Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Taipei 101 mall attack

-Oh, look at them, Santa and Santa’s sexy little helper at work.
-Yes, they do look rather believable.
-Well, kids believe anything and parents don’t suspect a thing.

-Let’s get through this plan once more.
-Ok, weapons were smuggled to the personnel service section, so we need to go via locker room on our way to meet Black Sun.
-After we get our blades, nobody pays attention to a Santa on a break and those outfits can hide lots of nasty presents.
-Surveillance has been taken care of they never get any recordings by cameras.
-However, we must strike swiftly, not to cause noise. Everybody must die and to outside office must look the same as always.
-Finally we leave couple of thugs there to take care of every Black Sun member that comes looking what’s wrong.
-We have to keep the location for a week in order to tap into the stream of New Years Eve. Hope we can make it. I am not that worried about Black Sun, but more of Taipei 101 security. We have a situation, in case our power struggle comes out in the open.

-Don’t worry, once we the mental energy of these people, we shall be the strongest streamers in the world.
-Hope so...